Getting Around

Shwe Phyu

Diamond Plaza Mandalay

Diamond plaza was formally known as Yadnarbon Market. It is one of the oldest markets in Mandalay. It is now a shopping center that consists of 5 levels; which mostly are fashion clothes, Myanmar traditional costume and etc. Furthermore, the cinema is located at the top level. There is one of the biggest supermarket chain located in the basement. Diamond plaza is 5 minutes walking distance from Best Season Apartment.

Great Wall

Great Wall Shopping Center

Great Wall Shopping Center is just a stone throwaway distance from Best Season Apartment. It is mostly similar as Diamond Plaza that offers fashion clothes, cosmetics, unlike diamond plaza there is a KTV located at the top level.

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Shwe Phyu

Chinatown Night Market

Chinatown in Mandalay is located on 34th, 76th streets and 77th streets that sell mainly seasonal fruits and vegetables. On top of that, there are many street food stalls that sell almost all types of local Chinese cuisines. In order to taste an authentic Chinese food at unbeatable prices, you have to visit this market. It is just 10 minutes walk from Best Season Apartment.

Shwe Phyu

Golden Palace Monastery

This traditional Burmese-style temple , also known as Schwenandaw Kyaung, was built by King Mindon in the 19th century, and later moved to its current location by his son. The roof and walls are richly-decorated with teak carvings depicting tales from Buddhist mythology. Used as a monastery today, this wooden structure is the only remaining wooden building of the Royal palace complex.

Shwe Phyu

Amarapura / U Bein Bridge

Amarapura / U Bein Bridge Over two centuries old, the world’s longest teak bridge spans Taungthaman Lake in Mandalay’s Amarapura township. At one time, Amarapura was a distinct and separate city, and was an ancient capital of Myanmar.

Shwe Phyu

Kuthodaw Pagoda

At the foot of Mandalay Hill sits Kuthodaw Paya, a religious complex whose claim to fame is that it is home of the world’s largest book. The complete text of the Tripitaka (Theravada Buddhism’s most sacred text) is inscribed on 729 marble slabs, each of which is enshrined in its own small stupa and arranged in rows around the grounds. Construction began in 1860 at the order of Burmese King Mindon Min.

Shwe Phyu

Mandalay Hill

In the old days, hoofing it was the only way to get to the top of this 240m vantage point. Today a few bucks will snag you a ride in a pickup truck. From the top you can pay a visit to Sutaungpyei pagoda and enjoy panoramic views of this fascinating city.